Born on the West Coast of Canada, Erika moved to Alberta as a young child. Her natural aesthetic was greatly influenced by this contrast of landscape, between coastal and prairie, which has lead to a lifelong passion for the extreme, the unusual, and the beauty nature has to offer. Along with the power of nature, Erika has also been greatly influenced by Asian Style and the Arts and Crafts movements. Perhaps the most important influence on her painting style however, is the work of the Scottish artist Margaret MacDonald-Mackintosh who inspired the "drawing with paint" technique which Erika employs in her own acrylic paintings, today.

Erika graduated from Red Deer College with a diploma in Visual Arts and later went on to help establish the commercial art gallery Gallery I.S., which was in operation for 6 years. Along her search for artistic development she challenged herself to complete the 365 One-A-Day project in 2009. The results of this can be seen in hercurrent projects, from series of works that were produced during that year, and her increased skills as a painter.

Currently Erika's focus is towards reflecting the beauty of her surroundings, Illustrating her favourite subjects, and exposing her work to the world wide web audience. Her work in series include; An Alberta Aviary (a study of local birds), Creepy Girls and Calavera (an illustrated collection of macabre portraits), and Illustrating the Kwaidan (Japanese folk stories) which will be published in Chapbook (zine) form. Erika is also in the midst of a large project, co-creating and illustrating a grand strategy video game for mobile devices.

Erika lives in Alberta, Canada with her Family and Pets.

Artist Statement

My mantra for 2014 is centered around the word "Growth". I have many goals I hope to achieve, projects I would like to see through to completion, and new projects I would like to begin. My creative list is ever growing.

An Alberta Aviary is a series of works that showcase my love for one of my favourite subjects, birds. I have chosen to focus on birds from my local, as they never fail to inspire, and I always look forward to the migrations of different species throughout the year. A collection of these paintings will be traveling as an exhibition in 2014.

These acrylic paintings also give me the chance to showcase the "drawing with paint" technique I have developed over the last decade. It was originally inspired by the mixed-media gesso panels of Margaret MacDonald who was the wife of famed Architect and Painter Charles Renee Mackintosh. My paintings have the same raised line and strong Art Nouveau influence. The surface is layered, patterned and textured which interlocks into an image that can be enjoyed on multiple levels.

Sunset Over Lievnos, the video game I am co-creating is the second big project which I will be focusing on more later in 2014. Information can be discovered on the website. www.sunsetoverlievnos.com


Selected Exhibitions

- 2014 // An Alberta Aviary. Solo exhibition. Okotoks Art Gallery. Okotoks AB. February 28 - April 19.
- 2014 // An Alberta Aviary. Solo exhibition.
Harris-Warke Gallery. Red Deer AB. May 11 - June 14.
- 2014 // An Alberta Aviary. Solo exhibition.
Ellis Bird Farm. Lacombe AB. Summer.

- 2011 // Of Patterns & Sea Creatures. Solo exhibition.
Gallery IS. Red Deer, Ab.
- 2010 // Deja-view: A One-A-Day Retrospective. Two-person exhibition.
Gallery IS. Red Deer, Ab.
- 2009 // Energy Flows. P'Artisan Artist Group, annual Group exhibition.
Margery Wood Gallery. Red Deer, Ab.
- Sept.08-Jan.09 // Space P’Articles. P’Artisan Artist Group, annual Group exhibition.
Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery. Red Deer, Ab.
- 2009 // Stone Icons: Revisited. Solo exhibition. Gallery IS. Red Deer, Ab.
- 2008 // 8 Minutes of Peace. Group exhibition. Fringe Gallery. Edmonton, Ab.
- 2007 // A Space Oddity. Solo exhibition. Gallery IS. Red Deer, Ab.
- 2005 // The Red Lantern. Solo exhibition.
Harris-Warke Gallery. Red Deer, Ab.


- 2001 // Visual Arts Diploma, Red Deer College, Red Deer, Ab.